Body Screening

body-screeningBody Screening is the future of healthcare.

Its 3-D images of your body organs and systems are fast, precise measurements of your health identifying the risk factors which will give you a better understanding of your health than you’ve ever had before.

The body health screening device allows your practitioner to quickly and non-invasively assess the health status of all major organs of your body.All these screenings are not diagnostic.

As the Body Screening provides 3D colour-coded models of your body, organs and systems, you can:

This Advanced Body Screening provides your health practitioner with specific measurements of your physiology, bio- chemistry and body functions. With this device, we can:


  • Assess how well your organs and glands are functioning
  • Study your cellular activity and health
  • Evaluate your circulation and microcirculation
  • Assess your biochemistry for imbalances
  • Measure fat mass and muscle mass
  • Check hormones
  • Assess blood flow and neurotransmitter levels in the brain
  • Assess your cardiovascular health

With this detailed information, your health practitioner can plan and address the most efficient, effective way to optimal health and well being. In the meantime we can monitor your progress during and after treatment.


The Body screening can assess various systems including:

  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Immune System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Hormones
  • Neuromuscular System,
  • Bladder and Kidney Function
  • General Metabolic Functions
  • Thyroid
  • Body Composition i.e. fat, muscle,fluid distribution, etc.


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