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SIHCM Special offer on body screening and cellulite reduction

SIHCM Special offer on body screening and cellulite reduction

SIHCM  Special offer on body screening and cellulite reduction

Body Screening – with the latest upgraded program – This program can screen most parts of your body in great detail (Heart, Lungs, Brain , Digestive System, Liver, and many more).

All bookings made for December and January attract 40% off !

The researchers have created an analogue-free investigation system, which allows tracing any conditions in the body through changes in the wave characteristics of the different  tissues in the body.

Non-linear analysis systems (NLS) are the most advanced information technologies available  and can be considered the most remarkable and advantageous accomplishment of modern natural science. The screening equipment is based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of any biological object.

It is quite unique and unparalleled in the world today.

This is the best gift for you and your loved ones as prevention is better than cure!

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Cellulite Reduction Special!

We have the most advanced way to reduce your cellulite and to get ready for summer.  Our medically trained staff will determine the right course of action for you to best reduce your cellulite .

We specialise in building treatment plans that use a combination of approaches to get each individual the best possible results. This is all achieved by non-invasive means – no surgery required and no downtime either.

Prepaid packages receive 40% off !!

For more information about cellulite reduction and other cosmetic treatments including Fractionated Fraxel Laser, HIFU , Special Peels for Wrinkle and Pigmentation Reduction call us now on 02 9552 2777.

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