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A word from “Chris”

Health and disease prevention has been a lifelong passion of mine. After working in hospitals and later in general practice for many years dealing with human suffering, I wanted to dig deeper.

Rather than wait for a disease to manifest, I began to research how the patient’s body could be treated and nourished to help avoid disease triggers in the first place. This led to me discovering integrative medicine, now more than 25 years ago.

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During that time, I travelled the world taking my studies beyond my medical degree. I studied acupuncture, dermatology, naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, anti-aging, functional and environmental medicine to mention a few.

Integrative medicine is a modality that resonated well with me.

It’s about treating a person in their wholeness – not just about alleviating the symptoms, but identifying imbalances and using a number of disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.

Since retiring from general practice, my focus is now on integrative medicine as well as my other passion. Dermatology and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Whilst most of us want some tweaks to our external features and quickly, we find with many of our clients, that in order to achieve long-lasting results, attention needs to focus on what’s happening internally.

The skin is not only our protective barrier to the environment but many times a mirror to our internal health.

Acne and virtually all other common skin pathologies like psoriasis, eczema, are caused by internal conditions.

With over thirty-five years of experience I tailor your personal health care to suit your special needs and budget, using a blend of the latest technologies, Western, Environmental, Herbal, Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine.

Sir William Osler wrote many years ago:
“The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease…”

About Chris

MD ND DSc DipNutr DipDerm Dip (UK)Compl Med Cert American Academy Aesthetic Medicine.

Chris is our principal clinician. With a vast experience in conventional and complementary medicine.

Upon graduating from Medicine from the University of Athens with Honours. Chris then spent five years of practice in Sydney hospitals, before establishing a successful private practice in Sydney.

Dedicated to helping his clients achieve optimal health and healing. Chris has devoted his energies to studying a wide variety of integrative and holistic ways to help restore the overall health of his clients. Whether they were suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, cancer, IBS, auto-immune, skin or other health issues.

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Chris has also been a senior lecturer and examiner at Health Schools Australia, an international college for complimentary medicine. And has frequently been called upon to present at leading Alternative Medicine conferences, passing on his knowledge and experience to his students for over 25 years.

Chris regularly attends seminars and medical conventions. And constantly upgrades his qualifications to stay abreast of new developments in medicine, naturopathy, environmental, anti-ageing, nutritional and cosmetic medicine.

This ongoing learning allows him to provide his clients with the most up to date level of care available.

Qualifications and Memberships


MD (EU) Doctor of Medicine


DSc (in musculoskeletal pain)


Diploma in Dermatology (UK)


Diploma in Naturopathy


Diploma in Nutrition


Diploma in Phytotherapy (herbal) Medicine


Certification in Integrative Oncology


Certification by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine


Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy


Member of ATMS, ACNEM


Member of AAAM American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine


Advanced Diploma in Complementary Medicine

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