Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine

Our Integrative and Holistic Health Centre takes a multi-dimensional approach to your health issues whether they are minor or serious.

Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine

We have been caring for the health of our community for more than 30 years.

Our centre offers health & cosmetic services 

Our team consists of passionate and experienced health practitioners that specialise in integrative health over a broad range in various fields.

Many health conditions that have been previously diagnosed as untreatable or incurable may be managed effectively.

General Health Checks

My husband and I have been attending the Sydney Holistic and Cosmetic Medicine for
alternative health care since 2005. We wanted to access bio-resonance feedback and guidance as we did in the UK. This type of healthcare supports us in leading a healthy lifestyle and through this we could address deeper health issues that are sometimes not as yet visible through normal medical testing. All remedies are natural and clinically proven. We have always had positive results.
My husband and I have been very happy with the outcomes and we feel supported within a
friendly and caring environment. We would strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in healthcare from a practitioner who has extensive experience in both mainstream and alternative medicine.
Ann Cherry

Cardiac Heart Failure Treatment

Being treated at the Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine has been one of the best things I
have ever done!  I was admitted to Hospital last year in suspected Cardiac Heart Failure –
had as many as 4 Cardiologists look at me only to send me home a week later with no answers as to why I came into hospital in this condition!  I was like an ‘edeamatus’ balloon and very unwell.  I had visited the SIHCM a number of years before and knew that is where I would go again to get answers to this.  Within minutes of testing Myocarditis, was diagnosed – a Virus had attacked my heart some time back, and getting worse. I knew silently, my days were possibly numbered.  Now after a few short months, I have lost 5 dress-sizes and feel a new person!  My life has been turned around and ‘spared’ from an early grave.  Chris Tsoutis, is a Professional, and has a ‘heart’ for the work of getting to the bottom of complex medical problems.  I cannot more highly recommend him to any who have medical issues, I would never go to anyone, or anywhere else.  I drive 2 hours for a visit twice a week at present, then another 2 hours home again.  I would drive any distance to get nothing less than the ‘best’ in treatment and expertise!
Philippa Goddard

Aging Skin

Thank you for your unique approach of working on the inside and the outside which brings
great and long-lasting results. Your knowledge and constant care regarding my aging skin issues, has helped my skin feel and look alive again.
Have found my confidence has increased, not only noticed by me but by family and friends.
A friend who hadn’t seen me for 10 years recently said I can’t believe how great your skin looks. You seriously have not aged. When I come in for my treatments I don’t feel like a customer but a valued and cared member of your family.
Thank you. I am very grateful to you all
Kerrie Lowe

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