Weight Management


Weight Management

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

Struggling to lose weight no matter how hard you diet and exercise?
Feel like there’s a missing piece in your weight loss puzzle? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Most of our weight loss clients have tried numerous diets with varying levels of success.

Whilst, it can be relatively easy to achieve short term weight loss, maintaining it can often be difficult.

Here at Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine, we believe weight loss is a complex problem which requires a comprehensive solution.

Fat Loss Management 

Comprehensive assessment to identify the underlying causes of weight gain

Nutritional Medicine to correct biochemistry and functional imbalances

Comprehensive dietary and lifestyle analysis

Recommendation for aerobic and weight bearing exercise

Establishment of long-term healthy eating behaviour

Preparedness to change and learn

Individualised dietary and lifestyle advice

How we can help?

An effective weight management program will ensure you lose fat and excess water whilst maintaining or increasing your muscle mass. Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine are able to monitor your body composition through various approaches.


Body Contouring Treatment

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