Holistic Dermatology


Holistic Dermatology

Our integrative approach also extends to aesthetics. Including dermatology and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We take a holistic view, believing inner and outer beauty work hand in hand.

We offer a number of cutting-edge treatments, which combined with a personalised plan focusing on any internal imbalances, has helped many of our patients achieve long-lasting results.

Skin problems are multifactorial, with genetic predispositions, nutritional factors, hormonal influences, medication side effects, stress factors and gut health all playing a role.

The skin is the wall that separates our body from the environment. Skin conditions could be caused from outside but also from inside the body.
Holistic/Integrative dermatology focuses on identifying and treating your concerns as a whole – inside and out.

The cause of your problem could be a simple topical solution. Or it could be something underlying. If it is an underlying issue, we can explore a number of causes, depending on your symptoms.

Environmental and nutritional issues, your gut state, function and microbiome, identifying exposure to chemicals, allergens, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, parasites and more – are all potential areas we can test for.
Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine has a deep and holistic understanding of physiology and skin problems to deal with them effectively.
Addressing your symptoms is important, however we also provide you with genuine, long term skin transformation by working from within – in a non-invasive and natural way.

Holistic Dermatology

Some of the skin conditions we can help you with




Broken capillaries

Hormonal facial Hair

Skin and Nail Fungal Infections

Cold sores


Acne scarring

How can we help?

Depending on your skin issues, some testing may be necessary like food sensitivity testing, immune testing, gastrointestinal test, hormone tests or hair analysis.

These tests may include; in-clinic screening or referred to pathology.

A personalised treatment plan is then developed using:

Effective pharmaceutical grade natural medicine.
Naturally sourced ingredients that help to correct skin conditions.
A range of skin revision treatments customised to you.

(not a specialist Dermatologist)

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