Holistic Health


Holistic Health or Integrative Medicine

Holistic Health or Integrative Medicine encompasses all that we do. It looks at treating the ‘whole’ person. It’s a wellness-based model that looks to treat your mind, body, spirit – your entire wellbeing.


The old saying, "prevention is better than cure" rings true in our clinic.


Taking a holistic approach of identifying one's personal risks, genetic weaknesses and biological strengths.


A programme, which involves health screening, diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep and supplementation can make a significant difference to quality of life.

holistic health

While preventive medicine is the key to maintaining a healthy state, it can also be the most difficult to achieve in our busy lives. With more than 25 years of experience in holistic health andcintegrative medicine, Chris Tsoutis and the Sydney Holistic & Cosmetic Medicine team, have helped countless numbers of people gain optimal health.
We offer a range of services including the best of conventional and natural holistic health therapies to help you strive for a life of optimal mental and physical health, reducing the risk of age-related diseases and more.

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