Body Screening

Body Vitality Screening?

Our health Practitioner will connect leads to your hands and feet, passing a small current through your body. This is a painless procedure which provides information on several of your body’s ‘biomarkers’.


Biomarkers are parameters that measure an aspect of your health.
We can get the following information:

  • How much fat and muscle your body consists of
  • The ideal fat to muscle ratio and weight for your frame
  • Hydration levels (both inside and outside the cells)
  • The quality of your muscle tissue
  • Your cellular age
  • Your level of risk for metabolic disease

Most importantly, it enables us to measure your response to our treatment. No other test provides all of this information so quickly and easily.


Once your test is performed we then enter your results into a computer to be calculated and reported. You will be given a computerised analysis of your health, including your key biomarkers. Over time, your results can be compared, so that you can follow your progress.


To get the most accurate results:

  • Empty your bladder before the test
  • Allow yourself 10 minutes to sit down before the test and drink a glass of water
  • Avoid alcohol for 12 hours before the test
  • Don’t use moisturiser on your arms or legs
  • The test requires no covering on your foot – make sure you can fully remove your shoe/sock/stocking
  • Height, waist and wrist measurements (in cms) will be taken, in addition to your current weight (in kgs).


How old does your body think it is?

Your diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup will affect how quickly you body ages.  You may be 30 but your lifestyle and toxicity levels may have your body responding like it’s 40!  We can provide you with your average cellular age, and our practitioners will show you ways to improve your biological age.

What to expect:

Our practitioner will connect leads to your hands and feet and pass a low voltage electrical current through your body.  This is completely safe and painless.  The flow of the current will give us the feedback we need to analyse your body’s composition.


  • Manage your weight effectively
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve your energy levels and minimize fatigue
  • Age healthily (and slowly!)
  • Learn how to support your body nutritionally
  • Gain insight into your body beyond what the mirror tells you.
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