How Food Affects the Brain is today’s topic

How Food Affects the BrainHow Food Affects the Brain, certain foods can produce the same kind of addictive experience as drugs. When we eat them, the primary reward center in the brain’s circuitry – the same area that’s affected by dopamine – lights up. The high GI carbohydrates like bagels, bread, pasta and cookies not only make us hungrier, they actually make you feel like you MUST have that type of food again. After the initial high, the brain says it wants more, in order to produce another rush, just as addictive drugs do.

How food affects the brain and how can you identify this and how to address it?

The answer can be found with a very simple office screening. We actually offer this test for FREE with every Body screening which is being offered for a reduced price (see below) for the month of October 2013.

For more info and bookings call 02 9552 2777.

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